The Governance in Justice (GOJUST) Programme is a Philippine government project funded by the European Union (EU) and the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID). It supports the enhancement of governance of the justice system and pursuit of human rights as key drivers for inclusive growth and poverty reduction by increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the formal justice system. It advances a credible sector-wide reform strategy for the achievement of justice for all Filipinos, especially the poor and the vulnerable, such as women, youth, Indigenous Peoples, minorities, and human rights defenders.


Its fourth component, the GOJUST Human Rights Project, is focused on strengthening the capacity of national human rights institutions and civil society organizations to promote accountability and to fight impunity in the face of human rights violations.

Outcome 1

The institutional, operational, and technical capacity of the Commission on Human Rights and its staff, including building partnerships with CSOs, is strengthened

Outcome 2

The institutional, operational, and technical capacity of the Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission is strengthened, including its partnerships with local CSOs

Outcome 3

The human rights promotion and protection role of the CSOs is reinforced, including through strategic litigation, monitoring of human rights violations, and support to victims

Outcome 4

Human rights monitoring and data management is strengthened through the establishment of an Observatory for human rights in the Philippines