• General Guidelines for CHR Social Media Operations

      Guidelines for Regional Social Media Operations

      Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Use

  • Process Flow for the Development of Social Media Materials

      Process flow for Responding to Social Media Inquiries, Complaints, Comments, Messages

  • Social Media Analytics

  • CHR Security Plan

  • Competency-based Training Assessment

  • Recruitment Aptitude Test

  • Recruitment Interview Instruments

  • Recruitment Placement Candidates

  • Rewards Program

  • Wellness Program (Pre-retirement)

  • Bantay Karapatan Pilipinas

  • Material Findings Report

  • GOJUST HR Outcome 3 Mindmap A

  • GOJUST HR Outcome 3 Mindmap B

  • GOJUST Concept Note on Climate Justice

  • National Inquiry Documentation and Accomplishment Report

  • National Inquiry on Climate Change Framework

  • Site visit Activity Report of Tacloban City

      NICC Fact Finding Mission at Libon,Albay

  • Social Mobilization that “Spells A Difference”: A Post-evaluation of the Proposed Social Mobilization Plan of the Commission on Human Rights